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In today’s business environment, making online credit card purchases or payments is second nature to everyone.  Consumers expect smooth online shopping or payment experiences with secure, quick and simple check-out options.  Historically, the stand alone credit card terminal was all a business needed as they processed the transactions of customers in their stores or offices.  That’s not the case anymore; businesses must be able to adapt to survive in this competitive environment.

Virtual Terminals:

Virtual, or online credit card terminals are rising in popularity as even traditional brick and mortar stores or office environments are doing away with their physical terminals and using a web-based solution.  C5 Merchant Solutions offers access to several of the Country’s top virtual solutions with invoicing capabilities, real time reporting and other benefits.


For those businesses operating an ecommerce store, our C5 ecommerce solution functions functions seamlessly with all of the most popular platforms and shopping cart software. By partnering with C5, you can still use all of your trusted ecommerce solutions without paying the exorbitant card processing fees.