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In today’s business climate, it’s imperative to have a Point of Sale (POS) solution that is secure, fast and supports the latest payment technologies.  At C5 we are unwaivering in our dedication to identify and provide the very best POS solution for businesses of all sizes.

We help you define not only what your business can use now, but what solution is best to grow with your business.  Does the system accept Contactless payments?  Does it Integrate with your Accounting software? Is it Intuitive and easy to use?  How robust are the Dashboard and Business Management tools?  Does it track inventory?

Our PayPro team has a 3-pronged approach.
1. Local C5 PayPro  works with 2. Local business owner to understand the unique processes and needs of the respective business in order to identify the specifications necessary for the perfect Point of Sale solution.

Once the discovery is complete, the third prong comes to realization with our POS Pros Team.  We have a dedicated team who specialize in POS systems and helping to tailor just the right solution for each business.  This team member ensures we have the right product with the right business at the right price.