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5 Services Small Business Should Outsource

Scale your small business

Do you need to outsource duties in your business? Spending too much time working “in your business” and not “on your business?” You’re not alone. Some 75% of business owners want to spend more time working on their business. It’s time to stop thinking, “I can do it all myself” and get the help you need to start growing your business.


As we all know, every business is different, but below are 5 functions that make sense to outsource.

1. Accounting/Finance

One of the most commonly outsourced functions is Payroll. Payroll companies not only save a business time on processing, but they also help businesses get a handle on compliance, records and reports.

Managing tax compliance is extremely important, so best leave it to the professionals. The IRS in 2019 assessed businesses nearly $40.5 billion in civil penalties.

For the many businesses who use a popular accounting software package like Quickbooks, having a seamless integration with their merchant processing account is paramount to saving time. Merchant service providers like C5 can help.

2. Labor

It is estimated that by 2027, freelancers will be the majority workforce in America. In fact, Google’s workforce is now made up of more freelancers than employees. Outsourcing allows your business to scale staffing needs according to seasonality or project. In relation to #1 above re: IRS compliance, just be sure to follow protocol for properly classifying workers to avoid possible penalties.

3. Marketing

An online presence has been increasingly more crucial to businesses over the years, but with Covid the need for digital marketing is more prevalent than ever.  Ecommerce and social selling has made online marketing, web stores and social media vital for small businesses. The technical knowledge surrounding Search Engine Optimization, Content Strategy and Website Payment Integrations are much better left to the professionals.  For most small businesses, it isn’t financially feasible to have a full-time marketing or PR department.  Business owners have been found to spend on average 40% of their week on non-core tasks, like marketing.  Outsourcing can help recoup those hours.

4. Logistics

Whether it’s warehousing, delivery or customer service, outsourcing logistics frees up time to focus on selling and merchandising.  Having a third-party logistics provider (3PL) lowers cost and improves customer service. The State of Logistics Outsourcing Report found that 88% of current 3PL users report that their use of 3PLs has contributed to improving service to customers.

5. Customer support

For smaller organizations, office staff or salespeople find themselves fulfilling the customer service functions of the business – which divides their time between getting new customers and keeping the old ones happy. Outsourcing to a professional contact center can give you that extra manpower to handle those customer calls. But, make sure to weigh all the options to choose which is best for your business model.

Whether it’s one function or five, outsourcing is a definite way to save time, money and grow your business. Contact us at C5 for more time saving tips to help you grow.